Thursday, May 28, 2015

New ATV Guided Tours in Progreso, Texas

Where is Progreso, Texas you might ask yourself? The city of Progreso is situated about one (1) mile from the Rio Grande River and it sits in the middle of the Rio Grande Valley between McAllen, Texas and Brownsville, Texas. Located 5 miles south of Weslaco, Texas via FM 1015 and it borders the Mexican town of Nuevo Progreso, Tamaulipas formerly known as Las Flores.

What are ATV Guided Tours

When you come to south Texas make sure you come ride four-wheelers along the Rio Grande River. As a newly added attraction to the Rio Grande Valley (RGV), Texas Border Tours is a one of a kind adventure. The tours take you right up to the edge of the Rio Grand River as you follow a designated route that allows you to capture the true essence of the land. You will discborder fence that sits between Mexico and the USA. Most importantly, you will get to ride one of Texas Border Tours ATV's. If you don't already know, you will find that riding an ATV in open country terrain is one of the most fun and relaxing activities you can do. While on tour, you never really know what you will encounter, from traversing muddy terrain, to climbing hills, to a steady speed ride.
over picturesque landscapes nestled along the river valley. While on the tour, you will get to ride along a section of the 1,951 mile long

How does it work

The concept is simple, you don't need to have your own ATV to be able to ride at Texas Border Tours. You choose between a one (1), Two (2) or three (3) hour tour, then select the date and time you want to go and make the reservations online or by calling 956-998-3940. It really is that easy to do. When you get to the location you will be greeted and get you all set up with your helmet and goggles. Before departure your guide will go over some safety points and after that you will go riding. That is truly the essence of the experience of riding, its cut to the chase and get behind the wheel.

It doesn't matter if you are a novice or a pro, anyone can come and take part in this amazing eco tour adventure that will build memories for a lifetime. When you come to do the tour make sure you have the following checklist:


  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Bring insect repellent
  • Bring sunscreen
  • Bring cameras

What to expect on the tours

The 1 hour tour is a teaser, you won't believe just how much fun you are having because just as you are craving more, the hour goes by so fast. Which holds true to the old adage saying, time flies when you are having fun! The tour starts in Progreso Lakes and takes you to the Toluca Ranch property. The house and chapel date back to the 1860's. The ranch was established in 1880 by Florencio Saenz which local folklore has it that he sold his soul to the devil in order to gain wealth and prosperity. It is said that the house is haunted and today you can take haunted tours at the ranch. There is definitely an eerie ora to the place that is sure to give you goose bumps. From Toluca Ranch, the tour leads you south to the banks of the Rio Grande River, where you will travel about 5 miles along the river. At one point, you will go through a trail that runs parallel with the National Wildlife Refuge conservation land where you have the opportunity to spot local wildlife. Although it might prove difficult to spot any wildlife with all the rumble of the ATV's but you never know you might get lucky. You will definitely be taken back by the beauty of the land and just how peaceful and relaxing it feels to get out and ride.

The two and three hour tours take you from Progreso Lakes over to Mercedes, Texas, where if you like to get muddy you are sure to encounter some famous local "mud pits" that will get you the full experience of what it is to drive a 4x4 vehicle. You can expect to travel anywhere from 20-30 miles respectively with each tour. What else can we say, you have to come ride with us and find out first hand what the experience is like.

If you are a visitor to south Texas and you are looking for things to do in the RGV, then this is the attraction for you. Don't miss an opportunity to build memories that last, come join us at Texas Border Tours. To make reservations for an ATV guided tour please call 956-998-3940 or visit our website

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