Friday, May 22, 2015

What is Texas Border Tours?

Written by Kim C.

At Texas Border Tours it is all about relaxing, getting back to nature, and having fun.  You can come and ride an ATV or UTV along the Rio Grande River and see nature and wildlife at its best.
Coming into the tour as a novice rider myself, I was put at ease with the confidence and knowledge of the tour guides.  They walked me through proper helmet adjustment and use of the All Terrain Vehicle (ATV).  They even let me ride around the property before leaving for tour to make sure I was completely comfortable with the brakes and throttle of the ATV I had chosen.  I was even provided with the helmet and safety goggles.  Safety is definitely a top priority.

Once the group was all ready, we started out on the tour.  I, myself, took the one hour tour.  Along the ride I was able to see all kinds of Texas wildlife.  From the trees and flowers to birds and jack rabbits, there is plenty to see and take pictures of along the trail.  At one point in the tour we were even taken by a haunted house at Toluca Ranch!  This tour gave me a new point of view of the landscape of south Texas.  We were able to ride right along the edge of the Rio Grande River.
One of the members of our group even dipped his feet in the water.

I believe that Texas Border Tours is a good weekend getaway option.  On my tour I was on an ATV, but you could bring the whole family out and ride in a UTV.  The Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) has four seats and is equipped with seat belts for all riders.  I will definitely be coming back to bring more friends or family to experience this one of a kind opportunity.

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